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Legal and Commercial


Interesting one this. A cross between the principle of concurrent delay and the risk allocation issue noted in my earlier post enjoyed by Andrew Krebs and Najma Dunnett. Two "risks" happen at the same time, one is a contractor risk and one is a client risk - who gets the resultant kick in the you-know-whats? No prizes for guessing: http://www.blplaw.com/expert-legal-insights/articles/risky-business-offshore-drilling-and-using-force-majeure-as-an-exit-route

Immersive Technologies


Any Notch One programmers at HL?

People + Development


Short of starting a separate group about pensions, I thought this was the best place to share.

I have been interested in where my pension money goes, so I have been investigating. I am keen for it to be used responsibly, so have looked into what options are available for it to be used ethically.

The default Hoare Lea fund for those less than 10 years out from retirement is:

Aviva Pensions Mixed Investment (40-85% Shares) S6

As of August 2018, the top 10 companies that the fund invests in include Shell, BP, British American, Tobacco and Rio Tinto.

I have put the attached document together with details of some other funds that claim to invest ethically. Hopefully it will be of use to some of you.