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So... this is very exciting!

LOBE is beta platform which takes the concepts of machine learning and puts them into a simple intuitive visual interface, where you can start researching and building your own machine learning models for carrying out tasks and problem solving.

Its specifically designed for those who see the potential of such tools but lack the technical know-how to create them.

Checkout the video… and the examples section on the LOBE website below... just think of the potential ways we might start using a platform like this in-house.


Oliver Butcher - May 14 at 10:36 AM

This might link nicely to the site visit app.  Train it to recognise plant and then bring up clauses from the specification/guidance, to make sure the installation is compliant.  may even be possible to train it to detect some non-compliant installations - copper pipework that isn't plastic coated; flexible pipework.  I am sure there are lots of ways to link it to clauses in our specs for cross reference

Fred Lemieux in reply to Oliver Butcher – May 14 at 11:55 AM

Absolutely, this is something that we've been talking about for a little while, and now more than ever there are so many tools to do was previously incredibly complicated to implement. I was at the AWS (amazon web services) summit last Thursday and they have a service called Rekognise which is am image recognition service which has been around for some time. But now you can leverage the service and train it with your own images rather than starting from scratch.

We currently aren't doing anything with the data collected with Site Visit app which is a shame as this could give us insights into certain snags, or utilise the images to train an image recognition engine for our own use.


Regardless we should be having the conversation about how we can leverage AI/Machine learning at Hoare Lea. @Karam Bhamra: Great find! Lobe looks really promising and simple to use.

Today at a careers event, Zach and I found that quite a few students wanted to be architects, but when you talk to them, it’s not the work of an architect but an engineer that interests them. Has anyone else found this? Do you think it stems from misinformation from the teachers/careers advisors? Also, they had a belief that architects are well paid (quite a joke!) which may have influenced their aspirations…what are your thoughts on this?

Juliette Scholes – April 26 at 10:04 AM

I'm working to resolve exactly this issue with local education providers - it's a big issue that, not only do students not know which aspects of construction Engineers are responsible for, they know even less about what we do as a firm. I'm working on some materials at the moment so once I have something palpable together I'll share :-)

Nissa Dann – April 26 at 10:08 AM

This is brill, thanks Juliette! If you could share your materials once finished, that would be amazing. I've popped some resources for everyone in the files area of the group, if you come across research etc you want to share, please do add it!

Morning all, please can I take a quick suggestion from you as to what you want from the Society of Digital Engineering (SDE)? We are at the moment in our opening throes and really covet feedback and suggestions as to what our members want us to do for them.

The society was not set up for its own benefit, we are here for you, what do you want from us?

Furthermore can you think of ways that we (Hoare Lea) can encourage people who would not normally think of joining an institute/society to consider the SDE? How do we get their attention?

I am thinking of placements, apprentices, non-engineering staff, stuff like that.

Please don't be shy, there are no silly ideas.

Grayham Roper – February 6 at 3:48 PM

I was hoping that there would be a clearer mapped out route to Chartership for us non-engineering staff when launched, but that doesn't seem to have been developed yet. The website does say it will be available "soon" but gives no date.

Andrew Krebs – February 6 at 3:51 PM

Hi Grayham, what you say is completely correct. It is being worked upon as we speak. The reason there isn't an ETA is that in true CIBSE fashion, there are not millions of staff members available to work on this and as, by its very nature, it's a pretty complex task, it takes a wee while.

I am pressing them constantly for updates and will post them here when I get them. But rest assured that one of the founding aims of the society is to provide such a route.

It just takes time to get it all through the relevant bodies etc.

Craig Hobbs – March 8 at 11:33 AM

Andy in relation to your question, I think you need to look to answer the question 'what’s in it for me?' Unless people see the potential benefits they won’t join.

Dimitri Avakian – March 8 at 11:38 AM

Join the SDE and don't get left behind! You guys should do a little road show around the HL offices or something.

As discussed at the Quarterly Catch Up last week, we would welcome all thoughts on social events we could hold throughout the year. Please feel free to use this thread for ideas!

Rachael Porter – April 5 at 10:30 AM

I might be thinking a bit big but considering it will be festival season, why don't we have a Hoare Lea Festival!

This could be an Oxbridge event to get the numbers up. We could hire a field, camp over and I know a couple of bands that would probably play if they are fed food and drink.

It could be as big or as little as we wanted, even known private festivals to have funfair related stuff like dodgems!

There are companies that organise private festivals which would include cleaning up afterwards!

Just a thought :-)


Nick Lawrence – April 7 at 3:40 PM

Yeah a combined Oxbridge festival is a great shout! I don’t know any good bands but I know at least one rubbish one that would play :) I think the Oxford Office would definitely be keen on this.